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After years of top optical research by the world’s leading optical scientists and engineers, they have finally developed 3D-Glasses for personal ownership for viewing 3D Movies, and 3D content in various mediums.

Our premium 3D eyewear can be worn equally for comfort and performance in both the most widely used 3D theatre systems, certain current consumer electronic televisions, and more to be added soon.

Coming soon will also be exciting improvements for 3D optics wearers who need "Prescription-3D-Glasses"  for their 3D viewing enjoyment.

Gunnar "for the most widely used 3D platforms in gaming and video."

What makes this special, is the fact that they are custom made. This provides custom-shaped, formed and cut products that provide distortion free optics. No longer do you need to wear dorky, dirty, 3D glasses any more.

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